Frequently Asked Questions

Once we have agreed on your requirements and I start work, you will receive your custom Artwork within 3-5 days. If work is urgent, an extra fee will be charged

You are paying for the raw renders. If you require the PSD from me, we can discuss this. A fee will be charged.

Payment is to be made via PayPal, for both your protection and mine.


First, go to your channel page. You will see the admin button above the video player. Click on it. A drop down menu will appear that will give you the options to View or to Edit. You will want to choose to EDIT. You will be able to add or remove backgrounds, and will be able to edit the game you are playing. Locate the scroll bar on the right side of the video player. If you scroll down you will encounter more options. You can add more panels, or adjust your present panels. You will be able to add text, or graphics. Take your time as you go along. There are a lot of options. You can not only change your panels but also can edit your entire layout.

Each of these panels can have a Panel Header Image, which can then also be set as a clickable link. This is your time to shine, and stand out from the crowd

Expressing yourself through images on the Internet is as old as the Internet itself

Turn your channel and Chat into a place that truely reflecks who you are. Let your community have some fun.

Emotes are a great way for people to express themselves, without text

When viewing my portfolio, you may have come across some of the overlays I have made.

I will work hard to ensure there’s an overlay perfect for you no matter which game you play, including League of Legends, Black Ops 3, FIFA, CS:GO and many more!

An overlay is added above your stream in OBS or Xsplit etc, to add an extra layer ontop of the existing game. Its about standing out and being an individual

A few of my Possible Options

Channel Emotes


  • Twitch.TV
  • Better Twitch TV
  • FrankerFaceZ
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Channel Panels


Each (Full Set of 10 = $40)
  • Twitch Panel Headers
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For any questions regarding a custom artwork commission, please don’t hesitate to contact me!